The MOON RISE collection embodies Sam's creative philosophy of visualising little known biological phenomenon and spinning them into fantastical narratives founded on scientific truths.

Through these worlds Sam hopes to ignite a new found understanding of the very real magic found throughout the natural kingdom, as well as the paramount importance of conserving nature's majesty for generations to come. 

The collection has been printed across six luxurious material bases, including lush cottons, delicate silks and rich velvet. Whether used to transform interior spaces or the clothes we're wearing, the scope and versatility of this collection allows for their application across contexts. 


This debut collection comprises of six Repeating Worlds, which take you through a concrete jungle, ocean paradise, synthetic swamp, nocturnal banquet, treetop hideout and forsaken fiesta.  As well as three Silk Scarves  which relay the very real tales of moths wings with animal faces, flowers that can tell the time and surfacing sea monsters warning of impending disaster. All of which are tied together by three complimentary Coordinate Patterns - Pineapple Peel, Panthera Pigment and Melon Meltdown.

These worlds have been brought to life across thirty six multifarious colourways, that not only transform the tone of the work, but also quite literally transforms the scenes in which these worlds take place.