Cloud cuckoo Land

This living world is the first of its kind, brought to life through hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, and was created in ode to the forgotten kingdoms from our childhood imaginations. 

Set in the depths of a cloud sea, the mechanical principles behind this world were built around horology and Japanese Hakoniwa. From fluttering flags, to dripping juices, to scurrying critters, each moving component has been timed to perfectly align within an infinitely looping repeat pattern. 

The name Cloud Cuckoo Land is in reference to a British phrase, indicating an idealised state of absurd optimism, bordering on fantastical. A person is said to be in Cloud Cuckoo Land, when they are naively dreaming of impossibilities that only make sense to themselves.


Perhaps the most bonkers world in the Lunar SystemCloud Cuckoo Land  depicts five animal buddies taking to the skies, in celebration of a floating fruit festival that only makes sense to themselves.

Inspired by a lifelong interest in computer games, this world draws from some of Sam's earliest memories of watching his brother play through Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the family Super Nintendo.

Cloud Cuckoo Land - GIF.gif