Lofty Heights

This sinister celestial realm epitomises the struggle of vulnerable species who have had their ancestral migration routes blocked by man-made borders. In particular, exploring the effects of reinforcements at the United States-Mexico border.

Even if “The Wall” doesn’t outright cause the extinction of the endangered jaguar, bighorn sheep, peccary and black bear. It will inevitably reduce the genetic diversity of populations that have been cut-off from one another. Over time this diminishes the overall survivability of these species, as inbreeding leaves their genotypes ill equipped to deal with the challenges of natural selection in the centuries to come.

Two omnipresent snakes intertwine and tie this world together, forming a continuous chain-link fence. Covered in thorns and a sheen of toxic gloop, their giant eyes cast an unwelcoming glare at the bewildered animal families all around them. Where in this endless game of Snakes & Ladders, one misplaced paw or hoof would send these vulnerable creatures tumbling into extinction.

Available in the colourway Ensign Ether and Viridian Vertex.


Amongst the fiesta flags, floating fruits and looming cranes, are six troubled species who have been plucked out of existence. The one commonality that ties these frightened animals together, is the simple fact that they all became extinct shortly after being discovered by humans.

Featured are the likes of Haast’s eagle, the largest eagle ever to have existed, with a wingspan of over three metres it’s commonly acknowledged to have been the very real Pouakai of Maori legend. As well as the elusive Tasmanian tiger, an apex marsuipial predator and example of covergent evolution, with many of its physiological features mirroring those the of canine family.   

Collectively these species held billions of years worth of unique evolutionary heritage, all of which was erased in a mere matter of decades following over-exploitation from our own species.

Available in the colourways Toybox Tumult and Starburst Sky.

Precarious Pangolins

The gentle pangolin has sadly become the most illegally trafficked animal of the past decade, with the IUCN listing all eight species under the threat of extinction.

The plight of the pangolin is highlighted in this repeating world through a metaphorical game of Snakes & Ladders. With pangolin mothers desperately clambering their way through precarious terrain and across rickety bridges, whilst the next generation scrambles to cling on.

At its core this bold world is interconnected by fireworks of foliage exploding out of giant floating fruits, disguising the subversive tone under a carnivalesque atmosphere.

Available in the colourways Marigold Mayhem, Juniper Jamboree and Cerulean Circus.


This dark tropical world explores the concept of coevolution, as told through the push and pull of bats and the flowers they pollinate.

Over five hundred plant species depend solely on bats for their propagation. As such, their flowers have evolved signature characteristics to entice pollinators. Which notably include flowers suspended away from the plant body and pale petals that bloom under moonlight.

Bats are often mistakenly thought to be blind, when in reality their vision is comparable to our own, but limited to the blue-green colour spectrum. Midnight Feast is imagined through the senses of these flying foxes, soaring underneath the jungle canopy, intoxicated by heady nectars as they feast on fermenting fruits.

Available in the colourways Heliotrope Heights, Rufescent Revelry and Mint Masquerade.

Quandary Quagmire

Considered as a companion world to Sumptuous Getaway, Quandary Quagmire emblemises the reality we are now faced with. Inspired by another of Josef Frank’s rugs, known as the Monster, this murky world takes on a sinister edge.

A world where man-made pollution encroaches on the precious space reserved for the natural kingdom, ever blurring the line between the organic and synthetic.

Residing just a stone’s throw away from the ocean paradise where the Beast spends its days, the Monster is instead confined to prowl the islands of a gloopy swamp. Weaving its way amongst carnivorous plants that glow in warning of the toxic quagmire that swirls underfoot.

Available in the colourways Emerald Everglade, Lava Lagoon, Orpiment Ocean and Monet's Millpond


Considered as a companion world to Quandary Quagmire, Sumptuous Getaway channels Josef Frank’s conservationist philosophies into an idealised wonderland.

Josef Frank was vehemently opposed to game hunting and he created a rug known as the Beast with the intention of replacing animal skin rugs. The concept for Sumptuous Getaway is to bring the skin of the mythical Beast rug to life. So that these fantastical creatures can live on in their own repeating world, and serve as a reminder of our responsibility to preserve nature’s majesty for future generations to come.

Rather than hunting, the Beast instead spends its days lounging on an archipelago of tropical islands, enjoying the sea breeze and filling its belly with exotic fruits.

Available in the colourways Seafoam Swell, Aegean Atoll and Coral Current.

Concrete Jungle

This repeating world takes London’s Brutalist architecture, and twists the urban landscape into an endless vortex. Drawing influence from Bernd and Hilla Becher’s photographs of industrial buildings, as well as Escher’s famous optical illusions.

Concrete Jungle re-imagines the 1960s cityscape while poking fun at the irony of the movements drab vision of a Utopian future. The infinite looping of these maze-like structures can be considered as commentary on the gruelling reality that an era obsessed with forward economic momentum caused for many.

Perhaps if these buildings had abandoned their grey and brown aesthetic in favour of a more refreshing colour palette, then maybe the movement would be thought back on with a greater fondness.

Available in the colourways Tangerine Tangle, Wisteria Winding and Sherbet Snarl.